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All Pool Construction Services

New Pools. Lets build your new pool together and completely transform your entire back yard living space.

Pool Renovations. Great way to bring your yard back to life. Our renovations are a very simple process and can transform any pool into a much more modern and sleek pool.

Coping. Customize the look of your coping with todays more modern options including paver bullnose, bluestone, natural stone, concrete and much more.

Tile. Tile may be replaced with out much down time to a pool. Choose from a wide variety of glass, glazed and stone tile.

Plaster. Plastering your pool has many added benefits including, a newer look and a smoother feel. Our process uses SGM Diamond Brite plaster which is the leading brand material in the industry.

Liners. Time for a new liner? Perfect, Loop-Loc Products manufactures some of the worlds finest pool liners that we install.

LED Lighting. Turn your yard into an inviting, after dark retreat. LED (Light Emitting Diode) automated color-changing pool and spa lights are the most energy efficient pool and spa lighting option available…reducing energy usage by up to 89 percent!

Custom Add-Ons. Have an existing pool and want to modify it? Well, there are many ways to do so including adding a waterfall, spa, deck jets, new systems, wireless operations, and much more.

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Call: 201-540-9059